Get more value from your existing user base

Safe & Compliant

We know how important this data is for you. Our platform is built ground up with security, compliance & regulations in mind. We only deal with anonymized data of your customers. We are 100% compliant all the regulations.

Hassle Free - Revenue

We know that you have a full time business to run. Partnering with DataChain will be a one time effort that will pay off over the years. You could integrate using our SDK or a one liner script, once & for all

100% Transparency

We believe in 100% transparency & control. We have architected the platform to make sure we deliver that to our partners too. It is your data. It is only fair that you have clarity

  • You know your users better
  • Do more to ensure long-term value for them
  • Get better monetization through your existing ad partners

How does it work?

1. Contact Us

We work with you to hear about your data and put together a custom monetization plan

2. Integrate our SDK

The integration will take a couple of hours job at most; it is lightweight and 100% configurable

3. Make Money

We create intelligence, build the demand, handle the transactions and send you monthly checks